History of Math

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The Oriental Mathematics : Practical Arithmatic and Mensuration ¢º Characteristic of Orient Mathematics | ¢º Babylonian Mathematics | ¢º Egyptian Mathematics | ¢º Marking of Number | | ¡Ý The Egytian Hieroglyphic | | ¡Ý The Babylonian Cuneiform | | ¡Ý The Mayan Numeral System | | ¡Ý The Roman Numeral System | | ¡Ý The Hindu - Arabic Numeral Systern |

¡ß Characteristic of Orient Mathematics In the Nile in Africa, the Tigris and Euphrates in western Asia, the Indus and then the Ganges in south-central Asia, and the Hwang Ho and then the Yangtze in eastern Asia, there was ancient nations called the ancient 4-civilizations until 2000 B.C. The major economic activities of the ancient nations was to manage their farmlands and to control their products. Thus,early mathematics can be said to have originated in certain areas of the ancient Orient (the world east of Greece) primarily as a practical science to assist in agriculture, engineering, and business pursuits, that is the initial emphasis of the early mathematics was on practical arithmetic and measuration. Algebra ultimately evolved from arithmetic and the beginnings of theoretical geometry grew out of measuration. However that in all ancient Oriental mathematics one cannot find even a single instance of what we today call a demonstration, and one cannot find the reason to get the answer so to speak 'Do it this way' then 'Get the answer'. That is many difference from ancient Greek mathematics. Mathematics was one of the essencial parts in the ancient civilization. Today the only record is the Egypt and Babylonia's. Finally, the orient mathematics could not be developed because it was a'living mathematics'. The Babylonians used imperishable baked clay tablets and the Egyptians used stone and papyrus, the latter fortunately being long lasting because of the unusually dry climate of the region. But the early Chinese and lndians used very perishable media like

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