History of Mass Media

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TIME: 8.00 to 11.00 am

ROOM: R4.2


To introduce students to the historical development of media, including books, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV broadcasting and cinema. Students will be able to trace the emergence of modern media institutions from their historical roots and discuss the impact of social and technological change. This will be able to provide the student with the ability to evaluate issues that are affecting or are likely to affect the media industry.

The aim of this module introduces historical perspectives on the development of mass media and the ideological positions associated with it. It discusses comparative approaches to mass media and presents case studies of specific media cultures.


On completion of this module, students are expected to be able to:-

1. Trace the emergence of modern media institutions from their historic roots and appraise and discuss the role of social, political, economic and technological factors in shaping forms of the media.

2. Evaluate the application of mass communication theories to the major developments in mass communication.

3. Develop and sustain historical arguments, both in writing and in oral presentations and explain the significance and implications of a particular issue which currently impinges on the media industry.

4. Assess the political, cultural and/or technological aspects of the chosen issue as it pertains to the industry and evaluate the impact of the specific issue and relate it to current developments and trends within the industry.

5. Demonstrate an ability to investigate a specific topic, analyze the findings and present the result in a structured coherent discussion.


|WEEK |DATE |LECTURE |TUTORIAL |ASSIGNMENTS |DUE DATES | |1 |Jan 9 |Introduction to Mass Media Industries |Discussion on study case |NIL | | |2 | 16 |Books |Group Discussion |Presentation1 |Jan, 30th | |3 | 23 (CNY) | | | | | |4 | 30 |Newspaper |Discussion and Presentation| | | | | | |1 | | | |5 |Feb 6 (PMH) | | | | | |6 | 13 |Magazines |Discussion on study case |Presentation2 |Feb, 27th | |7 | 20 |Recordings |Group Discussion | | | |8 | 27 |Radio |Discussion and Presentation| | | | | | |2 | | | |9 |Mar 5 |Movies |Discussion on study case | | | |10 | 12 |Television |Discussion on study case |Presentation3 |Apr, 2nd...

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