History of Marijuana

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History Essay
A man, 45 years of age, committed suicide by jumping over a cliff. Had close friends and family surrounding him and helping him, this was not enough. What lead to this horrifying event? He was a heavy user of marijuana and had been using it for over 25 years. His life was gone in a matter of seconds, why? Because of this drug that consumed his life. After a week off of marijuana, this man had with draws. This drug is highly assessable and can lead to further mental issues as one can become addicted. “According to NIDA, National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana is the most commonly abused illicit drug in the U.S. Why? It’s accessible, affordable, and not considered harmful” (Archer). This has caused it to become psychologically addictive to most users. Marijuana is heavily debated to be used as a recreational drug because of this it has become a highly controversial topic in the US. I believe that marijuana should be once again illegal for recreational purposes in Colorado. During the last 77 years society has come in conflict with the use of drugs such as Marijuana as for recreational purpose. This has been a constant debate since 1937 and is one of the most controversial issues of our time simply because some parts of the US are legalizing it. However it contradicts with the Federal Government’s stand on the issue. The notion of using marijuana will continue to be a controversial topic due to the opposing viewpoint on how the drug should be handled. The use of marijuana as a recreational drug will negatively affect our society as a whole since everyone around is affected by the actions enhanced by the drug. This drug alters our perception of reality making this a danger not only to those who use it but also those who are surrounded. Focusing specifically on the issue in California, it is to be voted on in the upcoming election of 2016, in order to make recreational marijuana legal. Although this is a contemporary issue the problem of marijuana has been around since the late 1930’s and was a controversial issue first in the 1950’s. Since this problem has been around, the pressure to legalize such a drug has worn down the officials in such states as Colorado and Washington where the use of recreational marijuana is legal. In the next years the decision that is made on this issue will change the way we function as a society. I believe that marijuana should be once again illegal for recreational purposes in Colorado. Early in the history of Marijuana, becoming a controversial topic, many thought this to be a “miracle” drug but, soon this view was shattered when The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 was passed. Section 7 of this act reads; SEC. 7. (a) There shall be levied, collected, and paid upon all transfers of marihuana which are required by section 6 to be carried out in pursuance of written order forms taxes at the following rates: (1) Upon each transfer to any person who has paid the special tax and registered under section 2 of this Act, $1 per ounce of marihuana or fraction thereof (2) Upon each transfer to any person who has not paid the special tax and registered under section 2 of this Act, $100 per ounce of marihuana or fraction thereof. (b) Such tax shall be paid by the transferee at the time of securing each order form and shall be in addition to the price of such form. Such transferee shall be liable for the tax imposed by this section but in the event that the transfer is made in violation of section 6 without an order form and without payment of the transfer tax imposed by this section, the transferor shall also be liable for such tax. (c) Payment of the tax herein provided shall be represented by appropriate stamps to be provided by the Secretary and said stamps shall be affixed by the collector or his representative to the original order form. (d) All provisions of law relating to the engraving, issuance, sale, accountability, cancelation, and destruction of tax-paid stamps provided for in the...

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