History of Magazines

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A Brief History of Magazines

Magazines are regularly published storehouses of information.

The Gentleman's Magazine, May 1759|
Magazines – a.k.a. periodicals, serials, glossies, slicks – are publications that appear on a regular schedule and contain a variety of articles. 

They are financed by advertising, a purchase price, pre-paid subscriptions or sometimes all three of these means. 

The English word magazine recalls a military storehouse of war materiel and originally was derived from the Arabic word makhazin meaning "storehouses." The term magazine was coined for this use by Edward Cave, editor of The Gentleman's Magazine. 

Types of Magazines 

Most magazines look more or less the same at first glance, but they are targeting different audiences. * Consumer: magazines targeting general reading audiences who are subsets of the general public with special interests. For instance, there are consumer magazines that cover homes, sports, news, fashion, teen gossip, and many more groups of readers.   

Examples include AARP The Magazine, Reader's Digest, Better Homes & Gardens, National Geographic, People, Time, TV Guide, Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, Playboy, Redbook, Parents, Seventeen, ESPN Magazine, Money, Men's health, In Style, and thousands more.  * Trade and Professional: magazines targeting people working in trades, businesses and professional fields. These periodicals provide news, information and how-to articles for readers working in specific industries with advertising content focused on those industries or trades including job notices.   

By comparison, Golf Course Management is a magazine for golf course superintendents who maintain golf courses, while Golf Digest is a consumer magazine aimed at people who like to play golf. Other examples of trade magazines include Airbrush Action Magazine, a trade publication covering the spectrum of airbrush applications; Florida Realtor Magazine, the official publication of the Florida Association of Realtors; Sound & Video Contractor, which covers professional audio, video, security; the newsweeklies for media professionals Editor & Publisher, Folio, Broadcasting & Cable, PR Week, Advertising Age, Publishers Weekly, Variety, Billboard; and thousands of other magazines such as National Fisherman, Construction Today, Investment Week, Beverage Industry, Candy Industry, Dairy Foods, Restaurant Magazine, SeaFood Business Magazine, Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, Food & Beverage Packaging, Pet Business Magazine, Supermarket News, Convenience Store News, Legal Week, and Pulp and Paper.  * House Organ: also known as in-house magazines, in-house publications and house journals, these periodicals are published by for-profit and not-for-profit organizations such as companies, special interest groups and affinity groups for their customers, employees, clients and members.   

Examples include UNCP Today for university alumni, Avalon Hill General about Avalon Hill games, Friends magazine of Chevrolet Dealers, The Rotarian, Ratten, Spirit, Nintendo Power, Planet BP, 31 Rue Cambon, The Communicator, Marble Church Monthly Newsletter, and thousands of other titles. Distribution

Magazines can be distributed through the mail; through sales at newsstands, bookstores or other vendors; and through a variety of free distribution methods including making them available at selected pick-up locations. 

There are three main means of circulation: 

Paid circulation: The magazine is sold to readers for a price, either on a per-issue basis or by subscription, where an annual fee is paid and issues are sent by mail to readers 

Free circulation: There is no cover price and issues are given away. 

Controlled circulation: Usually industry-based publications distributed only to qualifying readers, often for free and determined by some form of survey. This Widely used before the rise of the World Wide Web and is still employed by some...
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