History of iraq

Topics: Iraq, Iraq War, Baghdad Pages: 4 (1290 words) Published: May 1, 2014
The ancient history of Iraq begins in the 7th century. Iraq had numerous bright civilizations, mainly the Sumer, who developed one of the earliest writing systems known to man. The capital around this time was Baghdad and the city of Baghdad became a famous ground for learning and the arts. Then in the 16th century Mesopotamia wound up in the hands of the Ottoman Turks but not without resistance. And around the 19th century it began gaining great interest from other European nations such as the Germans that had seen visions of great profit in Iraq and wanted to acquire this land by force. Britain and the Ottoman Empire were at war and in WWI the British invaded Iraq. The British promised they would return some control over to the Iraqis after they defeat the Ottoman Empire. In 1920 the Iraqis had lost patience with how slowly the British were proceeding to give them their independence and revolted against the British only to be easily defeated. Finally, in 1924 Great Britain signed a treaty with Iraq that gave most of the power to back to Iraq to self govern. In the matter of a couple of years, Iraqi parliament and administration were governing the country. Exportation of oil began in 1934 this was a major turning point because this is how Iraq would make most of it’s income for years to come. There were also many domestic political problems, with many candidates wanting to be on top. It eventually led to many military coups where the armed forces tried to overthrow the government. In 1941 the leader of the Military coups, Rashid Ali al-Gaylani, took control and he was also against the British establishment. His reign was short lived as the British fought and quickly defeated Ali al-Gaylani and his military. In the late 1940s, Britain was no longer permitted any say in how Iraq should govern as a nation.

In 1948 Iraq, and other Arab countries, went to war against Israel but were unable to come out victorious. Iraq’s relationship with Israel never improved. In...
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