History of Indian Stock Market

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INDIAN STOCK EXCHANGE. A few men, started one association under a banyan tree for trading some commodity/security in 1875 !! Who knew at that time that it would grow and would become NSE/BSE? Interesting? Read some finest events and milestones of Indian Stock Exchange.

To study the history of the capital market in India we have to look back in eighteenth century when East India Company started security trading in India. Security trading in India was unorganised during that time. Until the end of nineteenth century, scene was same. Two chief trading centres were Calcutta and Bombay now known as Mumbai and Kolkata. (It has to be mentioned, if you do not want apologize later). Out of them Bombay was main trading port. During American civil war (1860), Bombay was at important centre where essential commodities were traded. Because of heavy supply those days prices of stocks enjoyed boom period. Probably, the first Indian stock exchange boom period. It lasted for almost 5 years. After those booming period Indian stock exchange faced the first bubble burst on July 1st 1965. During that time trading in stock market was just a concept, a thought, an idea. It was limited to 12-15 brokers only. There market was situated under a banyan tree in front of the Town hall in Bombay. These brokers organised an association, of course informal in nature, in 1875. Name of the association was “Native Shares and Stock Broker Association”. Very few visionary could feel that it was starting of the great history of Indian stock exchange. After 5 decades of the incidence, the Bombay stock exchange was recognized in May 1927 under the Bombay Security contracts Control Act, 1925. But still the exchange was not well organised as British Government was not willing to see India as rising nation.

After independence, 1st priority of Indian government was development of the agriculture sector and public sector undertakings. Public sector undertakings were healthier for sure but they...
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