History of in Vitro Fertilization

Topics: In vitro fertilisation, Pregnancy, Fertility Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: June 30, 2013
History of IVF

The transient biochemical pregnancy was first reported by some Australian Foxton School researchers in 1953. John Rock was the first to extract an intact fertilized egg.  In 1959, Min Chueh Changat, Worcester Foundation, proved that in vitro fertilization was capable of proceeding to a birth of a live rabbit. Chang's discovery was seminal, as it clearly demonstrated that oocytes fertilized in vitro were capable of developing, if transferred into the uterus and thereby produce live young. The first pregnancy achieved through in vitro human fertilization of a human oocyte was reported in The Lancet by the Monash University team in 1973, although it lasted only a few days and would today be called as a biochemical pregnancy. Landrum Shettles attempted to perform an IVF in 1973, but his departmental chairman interdicted the procedure at the last moment. There was also an ectopic pregnancy reported by Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards in 1976. In 1977, Steptoe and Edwards successfully carried out a pioneering conception which resulted in the birth of the world's first baby to be conceived by IVF, Louise Brown on 25 July 1978, in Oldham General Hospital, Greater Manchester, UK. They were also responsible for the world’s second (confirmed) baby conceived by IVF, Alastair MacDonald, born on 14 January 1979 in Glasgow. Robert Edwards was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine "for the development of in vitro fertilization".  In October 1978, it was reported that Subash Mukhopadyay, a relatively unknown physician from Kolkata, India was performing experiments on his own with primitive instruments and a household refrigerator which resulted in a test tube baby, later named as "Durga" (alias Kanupriya Agarwal) who was born on 3 October 1978. However, state authorities prevented him from presenting his work at scientific conferences due to the absence of scientific evidence and his work was not recognized by the international scientific...
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