History Of Human Resource Management

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 History of Human Resource Management
Human resource management is a business function, which manages, leads, facilitates and provides tools for the human capital management in the organization. The story of human resources started as evidence of all employees. It dealt with issues and requests. The HR management history is fascinating. The wars usually change the part of Human Resources in organizations and society.

The history of Human Resources starts to be interesting with the evolution of the large factories.  It was in the 18th century. The rapid development of new industrial approach to work changed the world dramatically. The quick and cheap production became a priority for many industries. The factories hired thousands of workers, who worked up to 16 hours a day.  The second rapid development of Human Resources started in the beginning of 20th century. Most organizations introduced the Personnel Management. The personnel department had large responsibilities. It was dealing with issues, introducing the new law requirements. It had the responsibility for the implementation of different social and work place safety programs. Everything was focused on the productivity of employees. During this period, the trade unions evolved. The trade unions changed the rules of the game. The employer got a strong partner to discuss with.  The real HR Revolution began in 70’s of the 20th century. The technology and the globalization have changed the rules of the game. Most HR Functions are running complex HRIS solutions, which make information about employees available anywhere and anytime to managers and HR Professionals. Managers and leaders have to think global today; they have to understand to different cultural backgrounds. The corporate culture cannot be country specific; it has to reflect many nations working for the organization. This is a fantastic opportunity for Human Resources. Human Resources Management is global today. The global HR policies...
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