History of Hotel Sector Development in Riga

Topics: Hotel, Public house, Inn Pages: 17 (6323 words) Published: November 21, 2009
1.First Inns, Pubs and Taverns in Riga and Latvia4
2.Hotel Development in 18th-19th century6
2.1.Common characteristics6
2.2. Hotel St. Petersburg7
2.3. Hotel “Stadt London”8
2.4. Hotel “de Rome”11
3.Hotel Industry during period of First Independence13
4.Hotel Industry during the Soviet Union15
4.1. Common characteristics15
4.2. Hotel “Daugava”16
4.3. Hotel “Ridzene”17
5.Hotel Development in period of transition, and, after joining EU19 Conclusions23

The theme of this Study Paper is „History of Hotel Sector Development in Riga” . The aim of this Study paper is „ Characteristics and analysis of Hotel Development in Riga in different historical periods”. The author has achieved the aim of the Study Paper by finding, summarizing and analyzing the information about: • First Inns and Hotels in Riga and Latvia;

• Hotel Development in 18th and 19th centuries;
• Hotel Industry in the period of Latvia’s First Independence; • Hotel Industry during period of Soviet Union ;
• Hotel Development in the period of transition and after joining EU Author has used Empirical and Statistical analysis methods for completing this Study Paper. The period for developing this research were 2 months; the author has checked all the available information at internet, books, and magazines as well as has attended Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia and Museum of History of War and Shipping. The visit to Museum was unsuccessful as they were not pleased to welcome students, which unexpected moment for the author. Also, author was negatively surprised with such limited information regarding Hotel Sector development history in Riga and Latvia. All the information, which author has used in this research, originally is available just in Latvian language, except the statistical data. Despite these negative moments, author has reached the main aim of this Study Paper and the tasks are completed as seen above.

1. First Inns, Pubs and Taverns in Riga and Latvia

The first Wayside Inns were specially set up as a shelter for the night, with stable and shed, for travellers to take a rest. Usually, there always was a kind of a bar area, where traveller could have a drink and a meal. First written evidence regarding Inns in Latvia are extant since 13th century. The right to establish Inns were given by the German Order, Highest Pastorate and Riga Town Council. From 17th century in manor houses’ revision documents is seen that in Riga and Riga’s district had been around 46 Inns and Taverns. Wayside Inns in Riga began to appear more fairly during 15-16th century, when trade between city dwellers and farmers started to broaden up. Each Inn had a name, for example: „ By The White Deer” , „ By The Red Cock” etc. –usually these names were written on the wall or on the signboard. Random stranger was able to ask for a shelter also at Pubs and Taverns, whose main task was to provide guests with meal and drink , mainly beer. Initially these places or establishments were developing fairly spontaneous, as each inn-keeper and tavern-keeper was organizing inn business performance by his own thinking and understanding of how the things should be done. In 14th century the right to sell the beer and other spirits as well as to own an Inn were just to German houseowners. The Great Guild members wanted beer brew to be just their privelege.The Great Guild really succeded in obtaining the rule that craftsmen were not allowed to own an Inn.This new rule caused indignation and protests in Small Guild, so Town Council had to step back. In spite of what was decided by the Town Council and wanted by the Guilds, still beer was brewed , sold, and Inns held by farmers and Riga Distict latvians. In 1585 Riga’s farmers oficially gained the right to own Inns, Pubs and Taverns.[2, pgs.375-378] However, at that time, there were a lot of restrictions...

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