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History of Ellis Island

By thaqueenn Nov 09, 2008 588 Words
Ellis Island was the home to many new immigrants that came into the United States. There were more than 12 million immigrants who passed through Ellis Island between the years of 1892 and 1954. Ellis Island was the gateway to a new life to many new people. It was the land of new opportunities and new dreams for many.

In the 1770’s the island was sold to a man named Samuel Ellis. Later on, the U.S War Department bought the Island for $10,000. Years later, Ellis Island turned into the Immigration Station to process the new immigrants coming into the United States. Ellis Island has a history that many take for granted. Ellis Island was opened on January 1, 1892. The first immigrant to step through the doors was a 15 year old girl, Annie Moore. Not everyone realizes that many of our ancestors’ had to go through Ellis Island in order to make it into the United States. There were as many as 5,000 people a day passing through Ellis Island in the 1900s. Ellis Island was the little island of hope and new dreams that every immigrant dreamed of.

Over the years, Ellis Island has lost its history and importance. Over the past years, there has been a renovation that has been going on. Ellis Island has been shut down in 1954 and some of the buildings that are near Ellis Island which have significant value to Ellis Island have also been shut down. The renovation that has been going on allowed for these buildings to open up and to show the public much more history about Ellis Island. This opening was long overdue. The role of Ellis Island is such a huge one in American history.

There has been money saved for the renovation called “Save Ellis Island “and by the National Park Service. There was also money that came from the federal government, New Jersey and more private donations from the rich people whose ancestors once passed through the doors of Ellis Island.

Park ranger Douglas Treem believes that Ellis Island is the most important piece of real estate in the history of the planet. Not everyone understands that Ellis Island was the American dream for many. The restoration that has been going on to better Ellis Island was long overdue. Many people every year visit the museum making it a huge tourist destination. The floors of Ellis Island have been fixed and restored; a new 180-pound bronze chandelier has been hung in the central pavilion, which is a replica of the original. On the New Jersey side of Ellis Island which is about 22.5 acres, there is work being done on new buildings there which include the islands hospital campus. As more money is raised, there will be more buildings open after the restoration.

Ellis Island is very unique to the United States. It is a symbol of our immigrant heritage. The renovation that is being done is only making the island more attractive and more buildings are being open for more people to see more history of the center. Over 40% of Americans population can trace their ancestry back to Ellis Island. It is a landmark, and a huge part of our history. No other city around in the U.S has such a significant piece of history. Ellis Island was the opening opportunity for many different people from different cultures and ethnicities to come to the United States. It was the base of immigration.

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