History of Cosmopolitan Magazine

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History of Cosmopolitan Magazine
Until the early 1800s, Woman’s Magazines were unknown and even unthought-of. That is until Sarah Josepha Hale, editor of Ladies’ Magazine and Godey’s Lady’s Book, pushed the envelope (History of Magazines Slideshow Part 1, Slide 6). When Cosmopolitan was first published in 1886, transforming from a ‘family magazine’, surprisingly, to even a literary magazine. Although, it wasn’t primarily a Woman’s Magazine till 1960, changing the industry with its more risqué topics, the magazine branched away from the typical political-press starting a new category of journalism.
James Landers, an associate professor in the department of journalism and technical communications at Colorado State University, focuses on men and one woman who shaped, championed, and guided Cosmopolitan over the course of its first century of existence. The great times ran short when the magazine was knock with a financial hardship. Soon after, it was sold to William Randolph Hearst (Hunt, P. The Improbable First Century of Cosmopolitan Magazine).
Showing the world the ‘Real Woman’ in light of beauty, fashion and more recently, sex. Cosmopolitan is more importantly reflected on for its gender-aimed advertisement.
“It’s advertising mainly focuses on cosmetics and fashion, sectors where image and glamour are extremely important. The advertisements are often standardized international ones, and only special inserts and gatefolds tend to stand out. Advertisers including Estee Lauder and Reebok find Cosmopolitan extremely effective” (Gray, Robert. Campaign). It was in the post-World War II economic environment that Cosmopolitan began heading toward irrelevancy (Hunt, P. The Improbable First Century of Cosmopolitan Magazine). Although Cosmopolitan wasn’t the most relevant of magazines, to Women the publication, obvious to it’s thriving popularity even today, had enough human interest traits that may have impacted a great majority.
“A specific demographic is what

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