History of Corona

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Hayley Herzog
Media Planning
Corona History
September 20, 2012

It all started in 1925. Corona Extra, a pilsner beer was first brewed by Grupo Modelo in Mexico. Corona Extra is known for the unmistakable color and the clear bottle that the beer is served in. The company briefly considered the possibility of bottling Corona Extra in a dark bottle, to help preserve the flavor, but then rejected the idea almost immediately. The iconic transparent bottle has since proven to be the key to the unique success of the brand.

Ten years after it was first launched, Corona Extra became the best-selling beer in Mexico. Its unique marketing positioned it as a brand leader. Two years later, in 1937, Grupo Modelo marketed Corona Extra as a high quality product and sociable brand. This differentiated Corona Extra from its main rival at the time, a drink known as pulque.

In 1940, Corona continued their innovative marketing by being the first company to print their label directly onto the bottle, leaving the annoying paper label behind. In 1944, Corona hired Mexican artist Catalaño W to decorate restaurants and calendars with his art and the Corona brand.

In 1950, a very successful radio station in Mexico, the XEQ, broadcasted !Ahí viene Martín Corona!, which proved to be one of the most successful soap operas in the country and was strongly sponsored by Corona. In the early 1950s, as Mexico became a modern nation, new efforts to promote the brand emerged. Concert tours known as Caravana Corona appeared; and for two decades, they showcased some of the best acts in the business.

In 1954, Grupo Modelo’s founder and CEO, Pablo Diez, began construction of the first Escuela Modeo, a school built by the company for the children of employees. Diez christened the school by breaking a bottle of Corona Extra on the front step. The Escuela Modelo project is one of the Grupo Modelo’s most successful social responsibility programs. Then in 1955, Nemesio Diez reorganized and...
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