History of Conquered Peoples Before the Renaissance

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Since the beginnings of civilization there has always been a desire to expand and build empires throughout the world. Because of this there will always be conquerors and conquered people. The conquered are subjected to different treatments by different conquerors; this depends on who the triumphant are. Different examples of these subjugations include that of those ruled by Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, and the Hellenistic monarchs. These types of regimes laid the groundwork for that of the Romans who took pieces of each of these past civilizations and implemented it in their own system which eventually would grow into the foundation for Western Civilization.

The Egyptians conquered Nubia during the Middle Kingdom period (Sherman, 21). However, Egypt did not have a strong central authority in Nubia and they broke away (Sherman, 21). They imported many slaves from different regions they oppressed and infused the customs, languages, and religious views of these slaves with those of their own cultures (Sherman, 22). Vice versa, they imported their own culture into these areas. Around the same time, the Persians had conquests of their own. When the Persians rose to power, they quickly conquered Lydia and Babylon (Sherman, 33). Babylon fell to Persia without even putting up a fight (Sherman, 33). They surrendered due to the notoriety that the Persians had of treating their conquered peoples justly. The Persian king, Cyrus the Great, believed in the toleration of dissimilarities (Sherman, 33). Examples of this include letting Jews return to Jerusalem and rebuilding their temple and pacifying the Babylonians by saying he was a friend of their God (Sherman, 33). Cyrus allowed local officials to stay in office (Sherman, 33). He did appoint some of his own people to the offices of power but would not allow them to exploit their power (Sherman, 33). In addition, the Persians also required reasonable tax payments by their conquered people and allowed them to...
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