History of Chinese opium trade and historical influences

Topics: First Opium War, Qing Dynasty, China Pages: 3 (1363 words) Published: October 28, 2014

HIST 200
Xiao Shuai
Oct. 10th, 2011
History of Chinese opium trade and historical influences
Why did opium become such a problem and what were the British and Chinese views of the opium trade? Whenever people talking about Modern Chinese history, the opium war is always a fashion topic as it is the beginning of the Modern Chinese history. However when people talking about the opium war, the history will stretch back to the time when Britain first finish the industrial revolution. In the middle of 18 century, Britain first started the industrial revolution. Someone believes that the industrial revolution started in 1750s, however the invention of the Jenny Spinning (1765) normally counts as the beginning of the industrial revolution. With the invention of Watt Steam Engine, and the promotion and improvement from various users, had greatly enhanced the comprehensive strength of the UK (United Kingdoms). Influences on production methods:

Caused the industry to change the factory workshop from manual to mechanization. Greatly improved productivity of the UK.
Objectively spread the advanced production technology and production methods to the world. The UK had begun dumping commodities to overseas markets as the “world factory”. Based on the advantages of technologies, British had started dumping their commodities to oversea markets. To satisfy the demand of Chinese commodities of Europe, East India Co. and other western mechanists using industrial products trade Chinese commodities to European market such as tea, silks and ceramics. According to the text book, in 1600 the British government granted the east India company a monopoly on trade east of Africa’s cape of good hope to south America’s straits of Magellan, that is, all trade in the Indian and pacific ocean; made perpetual in 1609, this monopoly lasted until 1834. There were 4 opened ports at China in early 18 century; the Canton system was the procedure of trade and barbarian management. The ports...
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