History of China

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Japan future was the expansion into Manchuria. The military wanted Manchuria as its desire and needs. The Japan government was more concern with negotiations, the diet getting control. power struggle resulting in assassination.

May 30th incident-
general strike in Shanghai, British controlled the land, and there was Japanese factories. Foerigners were exploiting the Chinese working. •Chinese people marched and demanded better working conditions. British controlled police and authority there. When they marched in to protest the British troops fired into the crowd. Created huge support for anti foreign control. •This was a response to the slap in the face from the treaties of V. China supported the allies and sent people to help them but got nothing in return. but Japan got the land that they wanted back from Germany. •Gave fuel to the communist as well. over 30,000 people now for the communist party, the rise of the communist party. yen chikai died in 1916

In 1925, the controller of china is the warlords put in place by yen chikai. The warlords take over after their deaths. 6-8 main warlords, and one of the lords is protecting sun yetsin in canton. He is gaining support by organizing the communist party and the KMT(Chinese Nationalist Party)and CCP(Chinese Communist Party) join together called United Front formed in Canton in 1923. CCP started by... They take away the land from the rich and give it to the poor. want to create a dictatorship then a democracy. KMT is suns 3 principles of people (democracy, nationalism, and ). Sun ran the United Front because a lot of people trusted him.

Sun Yatsen dies in 1925 in Beijing from cancer. The next person to lead the Front is Chiang Kai-Shek. He was trained in Japan and Russia and military academy. Whompea Military Academy as well. At the academy he trained people in weapons and stuff. The plan was to use Chiang to unite country then once it is done implement a communist system and move him to military leader.

The major warlords of the time.
General Feng- NW, by beijing, baptize troops with hose
Yen Xishan-
Sun Chuanfang- ECC, protecting Sun Yetsun and United Front in Canton
Wu Beifu- CC
Marshal Zheng- NE Controlled Central Manchuria. Either had to join with united front or get taking over by the united front.

North expedition 1926-1928- attack canton, split into two fronts. One front moves to Wuhan, a treaty port city, and move the capital from canton to Wuhan. Other front moves slightly eastward towards Nanjing, The president of the Wuhan government is Wang Jingwei formed in 1926, member of kmt, leftist, very pro communist. Chiang Kai-shek the leader of the first front goes does the yanzi river and meets up with the other front at Nanjing and take it. Establish the Nanjing Government in 1927, Chiang Kai-shek is the leader of this government, kmt also but more conservatism. Now they head to shanghai, They rely on the communist in that city to organize strikes and bring city to a standstill, general strikes were no one goes to work in factories. In this city there are two governments, a foreign and Chinese. The unites front troops come in on the railroad, people on the streets cheering for the united front into the city. The foreigners have settlements and wait it out. Chiang Kai-shek says not to hurt the foreigners. He now says that he does not need to communist party anymore since they have united the country, just used the Russians for people, organization and money. He initiates the white terror April 12,1927. also the green gang which is the mafia strongly connected to Chiang Kai-shek and kmt. anyone who looked like a communist, arm band, waving red flag was killed. Better to take a few extra then to let one go. Tried to eliminated the communist party but also kill his own people in the united front. The leaders like Mao escape some to the international settlements, some to the far west. The communist regroup to the south also....
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