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Rebekah Stiner
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25 February, 2014
Informative Outline
Introduction: Barbie is often seen today as a bad role model for girls.  I would like to show how Barbie is actually a good role model for girls. This is because of how Barbie inspires girls to dream big, how she teaches girls to respect others, and how she is actually less feminist than many people think she is. I. HOW DID BARBIE COME TO BE?

A. Ruth and Elliot Handler founded Mattel Creations in 1945, and 14 years later, Ruth Handler gave the world the Barbie doll.  (Barbie History) B. The inspiration for Barbie came as Ruth watched her daughter Barbara playing with paper dolls (Barbie History) C. In 1956 Ruth and her family visited Europe, Ruth spotted a doll in a window that had everything she had imagined (Stone, 27) 1. The doll was Bild-Lilli, commonly called the Lilli doll, strung from a character in a comic strip that ran in the German newspaper called Bild Zeitung (Stone, 27) 2. After returning from Europe they began searching for what kind of plastic to use (Stone, 27) 3. After many prototypes, Barbie was born (Stone, 28)

D. Several years and many designs later, Mattel introduced Barbie, the Teen-Age Fashion Model, to skeptical toy buyers at the annual Toy Fair (Barbie History) 1. In New York on March 9, 1959 (Barbie History)

2. Ruth was so excited she ordered 20,000 dolls a week to make sure that they would come in for it (Stone, 30) E. After Barbie had been out for a while; Ruth hired Ernest Dichter a psychologist that studied how people reacted to situations, he interviewed 191 girls and 45 mothers (28) 1. Mothers said that they will not purchase barbies because they come off as snobby role models (29) F. Ruth states that “Barbie has always represented the fact that a women has choices” (6) G. Mattel states that a Barbie doll is sold every 3 seconds (7)

A. Ruth Handler (the creator) was born in Denver, Colorado on November 4, 1916 (Stone, 9) 1. She was 1 of 10 children (Stone, 9)
B. Ruth’s mother Ida had to get surgery, Ruth moved in with her older sister Sarah (Stone, 10) C. When Ruth was 16 years old she met Isadore Elliot Handler, it was love at first site (Stone, 12) 1. Sarah did not approve (Stone, 12)

2. Ruth and Elliot broke up after about a year because Sarah thought she should go live in California with her sister Lillian (12) 3. After a few years she moved back and they got back together (14) D. Elliot and Ruth got married on June 26, 1636 (14)

E. Ruth had her first kid Barbara Joyce Handler on May 21, 1941 and her second Kenneth Robert on March 22, 1944 (14) F. Barbie was named after Ruth’s daughter Barbara (Doll Diaries)

A. Barbara Millicent Roberts was her full name (Barbie History) B. The first Barbie dolls were manufactured in Japan, their clothing were handstitched there (18 Surprising Facts) C. Barbie’s first outfit was a zebra, striped black and white swimsuit with open toed high heels and sunglasses (32) D. In 1959 the makeup was dark eyeliner with red lipstick (35) E. The first Barbie was sold for $3.00 (Barbie History)

F. Every decade brought something new for Barbie:
1. In the 1960’s there were tailored suits with jackets, pearls, hats, and long gloves (34) makeup was updated with paler pinks and peaches and the hair was a bubble cut (35) 2. In 1970’s Skirts went from mini to maxi and hair had a new flair– long and loose. (Barbie History) 3. The 1980’s brought shoulder pads, scrunchies, big belts and leggings to a whole new level (Barbie History) 4. The 1990’s Shoulder pads were still big but hair was even bigger with teased bangs and perms (Barbie History) 5. In the 2000’s hipster slim pants, crop top and fresh-colored pastel jackets were in (Barbie History) G. Barbie was produced in to all diversity’s through the years (64-82) H. When designing clothing for Barbie sketches of new concepts are created...
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