History of Artistry

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In the swinging 60s, ARTISTRY debuts in the US and Canada in turquoise and white packaging with NUTRILITE, created by innovators Carl and Edith Rehnborg, as the parent company. Edith launched her first small collection of cosmetics and skin care products, which formed the basis for the first generation of ARTISTRY cosmetics.

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Something for Everyone

The original six-product collection expands! In 1973, ARTISTRY introduces a comprehensive skin care collection, addressing the needs of every skin condition, from hydrating and replenishing products for mature skin to blemish-fighting, antiseptic and oilreducing formulas for younger clients.

Embracing Diversity

A landmark year for the brand with the launch of ARTISTRY II – a full range of products for a more ethnically diverse market. ARTISTRY lI leads the way with new collections of make-up specifically developed for darker skin tone. Other innovations include the addition of “special effects” colours and a product which would be copied by hundreds of competitors – the Blusher Stick. These creative successes carry ARTISTRY II into international markets in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

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Science and Nature

Global Growth




responds to the world’s heightened interest in health and natural products with the launch of the Revitalizing Skin Care products. As a response to increasingly sophisticated consumers, ARTISTRY II “Northern Lights” Collection is launched in 1981, introducing hologram-like pigments to the marketplace. In 1984, a modern, state-of-the-art cosmetics plant opens in Ada, allowing for optimum quality control as the product line expands. By 1985, ARTISTRY products are distributed in 13 countries. In 1986, ARTISTRY makes a major...
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