History OA Project John Maclenan Hine

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History OA Project- John Maclenan Hine
Task 1- Old Alleynian
John McLennan Hine was born in Maryport, Cumberland on 14th of April 1872 and died when his ship, the H.M.S. Invincible sunk on May 31st, 1916 in the battle of Jutland. He was 44 years old and his body was never found, but he is commemorated on the Portsmouth naval memorial. He was in the royal navy (Sherwood Foresters division) and was an engineer lieutenant. He was the son of Alfred and Isabella Hine and the husband of Lydia Emma Hine. He had a son, aged 8, and three daughters, aged 2, 4 and 6. He lived at 44 Patrick Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham.

Task 2- Find, Mark and Remember
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission, or the CWGC, is an organisation to remember all of the people who died in the two world wars. “The Commonwealth War Graves Commission ensures that 1.7 million people who died in the two world wars will never be forgotten. We care for cemeteries and memorials at 23,000 locations, in 154 countries.” Rudyard Kipling coined the phrase “Known unto God”, which is used on most of the graves who's bodies were never identified.

Logo of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission
21 May 1917
Legal status
To pay tribute to the personnel of The Commonwealth forces who died in the two world wars. Also maintains a roll of honour for civilians killed in the Second World War Headquarters
Maidenhead, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Region served
Worldwide (154 countries)
Prince Edward, Duke of Kent
Key people
Brian Davidson
(Director General)
£66,570,000 (as of 2013)
- From Wikipedia.org

St. Luke's Balham war memorial (my local WW1 memorial)

Task 3- Words and Pictures

The Menin Way, by Paul Nash shows a landscape that was probably once a green forest destroyed and ruined by the shells and bombs that were constantly going off during battle. It shows soldiers trudging through the mud filled with corpses, barbed wire, dead trees, and the remnants of trenches. It shows the destruction of nature as a result of humans fighting. My story, by Alan Brazier

“Jack joined the army at the age of sixteen
they sent him to war, to a place he'd never seen.
To fight the Germans, Turks and with the French,
now sitting in mud, in a crowded trench.
Thousands waiting to go out and fight,
hoping it will be over, before daylight.
Over the top they went, when the orders came,
scared young men, who don't know who to blame.
In seconds they fell, and lay there dying,
those left alive you could hear them crying.
Hundreds lay dead, in those first few minutes,
had no escape from those German bullets.
Those who refused, faced the firing squad,
nothing left now, only to face their God.
When the firing stopped, the General said,
now go out and get the lame and the dead.
Those badly injured, were all left to sigh,
hoping to get home, before they die.
The rest were left there, to try and survive,
having to kill the enemy, to stay alive.
For weeks we fought, in that forsaken place,
eating and drinking, with blood on our face.
No where to wash, amid that awful smell,
life in the trenches, was just bloody hell.
Now the war's over, I've been back and seen,
the graves of soldiers, aged only eighteen.
I was lucky, I've been able to grow old,
to my son this story I told.”

This is an effective piece of writing because it uses sensory imagery to put the image of what they are going through and what they can see, smell and feel. It shows the brutality of the war, and shows that if you didn't go over the top of the trench to basically die, the firing squad would shoot you and you would die, so all you could do is hope you weren't shot when going over the top. All of this happening to a boy who joined the army at sixteen is stunning.

Task 4- Weapons and Technology
The Tank- Advantages...
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