History Notes on Ww2

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19.1 NOTES

European Aggressors on the March
In 1935, Mussolini attacks Ethiopia to build a colonial empire.
League of Nations does not stop aggression.
In 1935 Hitler begins rebuilding the German army.
In 1936 Germany occupies Rhineland.
Britain urges appeasement, a policy of giving in to aggression.
In 1936, Germany, Italy, and Japan – the Axis power-form and alliance.

Democratic Nations Try to Preserve Peace
United States follows an isolationist policy.
Isolationism- avoidance of political ties with other countries.
Americans discouraged Jewish immigration.
In 1935, Congress passes Neutrality Acts—banning arms shipments to Italy and Ethiopia.

The German Reich Expands
Hitler plans to expand Third Reich—German Empire
In March 1938, Hitler annexes Austria (Anschluss)
In September 1938, Hitler demands the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia.
Czechs refuse, ask France for help.
Britain and France again choose appeasement.
Leaders meet at Munich Conference to settle Czech crisis.
Mussolini proposed a meeting between Germany, France, Britain, and Italy; held on September 29, 1938; Czechs were not invited.
Britain and France agree to let Hitler take Sudetenland, respect new borders.
Hitler still takes rest of Czechoslovakia less than 6 months later.
Mussolini takes Albania; Hitler demands part of Poland.
Britain and France ask for Soviet Union’s help to stop Hitler’s aggression.
Stalin bargained with Hitler; Nazis and Soviets sign nonaggression pact.
On August 23, 1939, Stalin and Hitler pledge never to attack one another.

19.2 NOTES

Germany Sparks a New War in Europe:
Nonaggression pact—Germans, Soviets agree not to fight each other.
Agreement includes secret deal to spilt Poland.
September 1, 1939—Hitler launches invasion o Poland.
Britain, France declares war on Germany September 3, but Poland falls quickly.
Blitzkrieg—“Lighting war”—Germanys new military strategy.
Fast moving planes and tank followed by massive infantry

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