History Notes: From 1757 Leading up to World War I

Pages: 11 (4610 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Robert Clive/Battle of Plassey 1757- British wanted to bring India into their empire. Incredible ambitious. Begin career as clerk for East Indian Company. He tried to commit suicide twice. Desperately unhappy and wanted to do something with his life. Siraj Ud- Dula was beginning to resist the East Indian Company. Clive said I know how to defeat this man the Indians had more people than the East Indian Company. He went around and begins to buy loyalty of generals to rebel against the prince. The Battle of Plessey 1757- Between East Indian Company and Siraj ud- Dula. Siraj even brought elephants to fight and the general refused to fight or fled the field. The East Indian Company broke the Mongol Empire. They did it by exploiting the differences in the empire. They obtained the province of Bengal. Spanish American War- 1898- By late 1800 Spanish empire was on last leg. The Spanish empire was weak and they held territory that the U.S. wanted. the people of Cuba rose up because they wanted their independence and rebelled against the Spanish and the Spanish responded brutally. They rounded up Cuban rebels and their families and forced them into camps. 200,000 died. This campaign was marked by brutality. Soldiers burned livestock and poured poison in the water. American didn’t know what to do about this rebellion. American said these people wanted their independence we should help them but some said that this was none of their concern. There were some Americans who had interests in Cuba because of crops. Pulitzer and Hearst called yellow journalism they exaggerates they begin to get American people to enter into the war. February 15, 1898. Off the coast of Cuba the USS Maine exploded. When the main exploded in 1898 they thought the Spanish did it. The U.S. defeated Span and took over the old empire. The Philippines became a part of the U.S. The U.S. for a mixture of strategic, economic, and cultural reason refused to allow the Filipinos independence and acquired the islands from Spain at the end of the War. We got Puerto Rico and Guam Treaty of Versailles 1919- Put an end to WWI the defeated nations were not invited. Germany was humiliated. Germany had to admit that were responsible for WWI. Germany had to surrender territory to France. German military was drastically reduced in size. German was only allowed 100,000 men in their military. They couldn’t have tanks, airplanes, or chemicals weapons. The Germans believed they were unfairly punished. They had to pay reparations. The treaty re-drew the map of Europe. Created new nations out of German and Austria Hungary. The U.S. only wanted enduring peace and justice. Led to Adolf Hitler rise in power. Lusitania 1915- Germany sank the British ships Lusitania. It sailed from New York and was heading back for Great Brittan. Germany warned them in New York that they would have a blockade. Germany believed they were carrying weapons. 1200 people and 124 Americans died. After the sinking of the Lusitania the U.S. began preparing for war. After the sinking U.S. continued to do business with Germany. The US. Started to do more business with France and Great Britain. The U.S. we’re leaning towards the allies. Treaty of Brest-Litovsk- March 1918. Russia and Germany. Russia makes restorations to Germany. Germany seize vase amount of territory. 50 million Russian people in seize lands. Agreed to pay money to Germany for the lost that Germany had in the war. Russia surrendered most of his territory. The people who lived in that territory was under German control. Nuremburg Laws- 1935. Tables that determined who were Jewish. If you were Jewish you would lose citizenship. You would be ban from professionals like medicine and law. Jews could not have sex or marry NON Jews. Operation Barbarossa- June 22 1941. The Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union code name was Operation Barbarossa. Hitler begins making plans to invade the Soviet Union. Hitler believed that the future of the Arian people was in the...
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