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Topics: Harold Wilson, United Kingdom, Government Pages: 3 (829 words) Published: August 25, 2013
How successful were the labour governments of 1964-1970 in fulfilling their promise to create a New Britain? During 1964 to 1970, The Labour government planned to create a ‘New Britain’ under the leadership of Harold Wilson. The most important successes of the Labour government include education, social freedoms and the freedoms of women. However, the most important failures of labour included its lack of the scientific minds in the party and its failure of large economic and technological advancement. Firstly, the Labour Government had hopes of reviving and advancing the technology in Britain. In their manifesto, Labour stated ‘We shall create a New Britain – mobilising the resources of technology.’ This can be supported by their development of a Ministry of Technology and an attempt to base government on scientific principles. In which an emphasis was placed on planning, management and professionalism. Socially, there was an advance towards a more mobile, less class-ridden Britain. With the introduction of the Establishment of the Race Relations Board, which aimed to tackle racial discrimination and promote racial equality. Before the Wilson period, Britain was viewed as segregated, however Labour wanted to change this and integrate society more. A success shown by Labour during this period was the attempt to break down the old class barriers. ‘It was a very good time for the arts and many aspects of education, the Open University in particular.’ This provides information which supports the idea that the Labour governments of 1964–1970 were a success in creating a new modern Britain. As well as the Open University, Labour’s other education policies included; the development of comprehensive schools and the expansion of higher education. Leading on from this, Labour was successful in building upon social freedoms as well. The establishment of the Ministry of Arts under Jennie Lee increased cultural opportunities. This provided funding for the Arts Council...
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