History matters

Topics: History, A Great Way to Care, Optimism Pages: 3 (714 words) Published: September 19, 2014
Quinton D. Stallworth
"History Still Matters" By: Bill Moyers (Questions)
1. Moyers compares the study of history to “the view in the rearview mirror.”In what ways is this quote an apt comparison? Much like a rearview mirror you always look in to the past with caution. The longer you look in the past the more you understand your situation much like the mirror while you're driving. Without either you'd be lost. And Finally just like looking into the past, it's a neccessary effort that should be taken by everyone. The comparison was quickly understood as soon as I saw it. It also was a new metaphor I had never even heard before. History is much like a rearview mirror when it comes to experience.

2.Give two contemporary or personal examples of Christopher Lasch’s quote on page 1. From personal experience my religion is something that my family takes very seriously. I'm not sure if it is do to tradition, culture, or experiences from the past. Without our religion there's no telling exactly where I'd be. Religion not only shapes my past but everyone around me also feels the impact of it. Another example would be culture, mainly due to the fact that without any kind of culture there would be no separation between people. Cultural separation can be a positive thing when possible, because two people of two different backgrounds and history can them combine histories in a sense. Combining your history creates a more rich story that your family and people can carry.

3. What reasons does Moyers cite as to why Americans might not be interested in the study of history?Do you think he’s correct? Explain. As an American I see how we as a people have been molded to not care so much abouth the past. It's about what is happening now and what will be happening tomorrow. We live for the moment rather than learn from our elders. As a member of the younger generation I know for a fact that we like to get rid of tradition and try what's new, and...
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