History: Marriage and Age Time Women

Topics: Marriage, Arranged marriage, Gender Pages: 6 (2096 words) Published: April 3, 2013
The women's lives, roles, and statuses
Michelle Shepard
His 103 World Civilizations 1
Instructor: Jill Walsh
March 25, 2013

Women's lives, roles, and statuses changed over various early world history eras and culture areas in many ways, are comparative perspective, marriage/ divorce, education, and military, and it is amazing how the change in women since the stone age time women have been behind and were uneducated and the women stay at home and took care of the children, and the women would go out in the field and pick fruit, nut, and melon and also gather the wild grains. And the women made the shark sticks and there on bags which the women use to pick the fruit, nuts, and melon they also collect edible roots, bugs and termites. When the husband were out hunting the women are put in charge of their family, and the women were the one who did the healing of masses, which they serve as the peasant population. The women also support themselves and their family. The women had little income option available to them so the women started practice healer art and midwife this is how they earn money and with this healing skills the women past it down to their daughter the husband thought that their wives only stay at home, but in their spare time these women were inventing things, and going to school to get a better education for themselves. But in those days no matter what women did she would never be equal in a man's eye. Men also did not what to give the women credit for learning how to make tools, cook, or even fix things, but as time passed women became more independent and they did not what to stay at home any more they want to be equal to men. “In the study’s Muslim countries of the middle east a much smaller percentage of women are employed outside their home, and they earn less than 40 percent of their male counterparts. In Israel, women make up about half of the labor force working mostly as teachers, nurses, and social workers and earn 80 percent of male earnings” ( Hepburn, Simon, 2006).

Most of these women throughout history have made some kind of impact or significant role in society and women of the ancient civilization has led women’s to society today. They boosted women standards in society while try to make them an individual, but some women were still being control by their husband and some were being moderately control by their husband. For instance the women in Greece father and brother are still arranging their women marriage, and the groom has to be a distant relative, but the husband still have to paid for the bride. It is common for a dowry to be given. The wedding ceremony is where a procession that take the bride from her home and place her in the home of her new husband were the marriage is consummated. The Roman wedding, in the middle age and Byzantium wedding are similar. All two of these countries, the father would choose the groom and dowry is paid. Women went from being authority by their father to being authority by her husband who would have a huge church ceremony and party with the entire guest after the ceremony. Egypt is the only one were marriage are not arranged. In Egypt the men and women are actually in love with each other, and marriage is a natural thing for all of the class of people. In Egypt love, marriage is a big emotional thing and support. Egyptian also loves their children and they do not treat them like they are worker they are treated like human being. " Love marriage is more observed than the arranged one in western cultures, where people have the choices between love and arranged marriages they could convert an intend arranged marriage into a love one. In poor countries, especially in remote rural areas, arranged marriage is still common. Many people get married with little love or even hardly knowing their spouses" (Liu, 2007).

There was a huge change for woman of the middle age to the renaissance in fact some of the changes were started to decline and some were...
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