History Khmer 10

Topics: Capitalism, Industrial Revolution, Communism Pages: 4 (650 words) Published: January 24, 2013
I. True and false: Yesterday was Thursday, Today it is Friday, Tomorrow was Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards. IT’S FRIDAY FRIDAY! GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY!

II. Key Terms:

• Innovation: the introduction of new idea.

• Industrialization: process of social and economic change that transforms a human group from a preindustrial society to an industrial one.

• Rationalization: Making something logical.

• Liberty: freedom

• Capitalism: an economic system where the invisible hands of competition drives supply and demand in a free market economy.

• Fascism: a political system with an extreme right wing attitude in favour of a strong central government which doesn’t allow any opposition

• Conservatism: political belief that the society should change as little as possible.

• Fundamentalism: practice of following very strictly any religion or in Christianity: the belief that is written in the bible as extremely true.

• Socialism: a political and economic theory of the social organization which advocates the community as a whole and should control the means of production, distribution and exchange.

• Anarchism: the political belief where laws and government aren’t necessary.

• Natural law: all rules should depend on nature or belief.

• Secular law: not connected to god or church, only humans can create their own laws or rules.

• Laissez Faire: the policy that the government should leave the market to it’s own device and shouldn’t interfere with the economy. (Adams Smith’s theory)

• Funan:ancient pre Angkor Kingdom located aroung the Mekong delta.

• Chenla:an early Khmer kingdom and was at first a vassal state to Funan (circa 550AD), over the next few years achieved its independence and eventually conquering all of Funan and absorbing its people and culture.

• Ishanapura:new capital at Chenla at Sambok Prei Kuk by Ishanavarman.

III. Question reviews:...
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