History Internal Assessment- Great Depression

Topics: Great Depression, World War II, New Deal Pages: 5 (1618 words) Published: June 4, 2009
A. Plan of Investigation [3 marks]
How much of an influence was the Great Depression on international peace in the period of 1929-36? The Great Depression has always been a subject of interest and criticism among historians. The aim of my Internal Assessment is to find out the extent of the impact that the Great Depression on international peace in the period of 1929-36. I will research my investigation in some of the many books published about the Great Depression, and also including various Internet sources. In B, I will describe the origins of the Great Depression, write a brief account of each involved country’s strengths and weaknesses, and note the key events that took place. I will analyze my findings in D and come to a conclusion as an outcome of this analysis in E. B. Summary of Evidence [6 marks]

Before the fateful Stock Market Crash of October 1929, each family seemed to be getting by quite well, living life without a worry. Most had excess money, which they used for various lavish purposes such as houses with gold plated faucets. Not many people thought it was in fact going to happen, but the stock market went belly up and drastically destroyed the country’s economy, ultimately leading into the Great Depression. Immediately following that, it was only natural for the citizens to question the whole ordeal: “What caused this chaos on Wall Street?” One of the responses that President Herbert Hoover provided was that the crash is a repercussion of World War I, however this statement of his caused much controversy. Over time, Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated as President of the United States. Once he was in power, the “Hundred Days” and more began. He implemented a set of programs and acts of the legislature called the New Deal. This was Roosevelt’s idea of a “peaceful revolution”. Cordially following the new application of the New Deal, Roosevelt carried out some of the first two major programs coming out of the Deal, which was another one of Roosevelt’s attempts to restore peace in the United States. As a result, they both brought positive outcomes unto the Deal. First was the Agricultural Adjustment Act(AAA), which sought to bring low-income farmers more revenue by means of cutting back their production rate and amount to a certain degree. This meant that if there were less products, they would be worth more. Secondly, the Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC) strived to lay out jobs for poor able young men. The Corps aimed ultimately to lower the unemployment rate, thus very generously gave almost 3 million American men a chance to learn basic skills and also rigorous outdoor work.

In terms of international peace, peace and prosperity had apparently been ended previously, before the termination in the United States, in eight other countries- Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Finland, Poland, Australia, and the Netherlands. Obviously, putting an end to prosperity discontinues peace. Roosevelt did his part by attempting to carry out his “peaceful revolution”. As a result it was a success, since it changed the United States forever after the disorderly onset of the Great Depression. Another major project for Roosevelt to commence was the Good Neighbor Policy.

C. Evaluation of Sources [5 marks]
Palmer, R.R. ; Colton, Joel ; Kramer, Lloyd. A History of the Modern World. McGraw Hill, 2007.
R.R. Palmer, Joel Colton, and Lloyd Kramer, who studied at Yale University, Duke University, and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill respectively, are three well-known historians and authors who were recognized by their various partnerships with organizations, such as Palmer’s “fellow” status at American Philosophical Society and of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The three individuals’ purpose for writing this book was to give a detailed and informative guide of mainly European history towards readers of many ages. Despite mentioning many diverse chapters of the history of Europe, the book deals...
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