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Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Weimar Republic Pages: 6 (2292 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Why was Hitler able to gain complete power in governing Germany in the years 1933-1934? Hitler’s rise to power included a number of factors increasing his power status. One of these many factors was in fact the choice of Hindenburg to elect Hitler as Chancellor with the persuasion of von Papen, a ex chancellor who was furious at von Schleicher who played the role of chancellor immediately after him, the reason in why Von Papen was removed as chancellor was due to von Schleicher ability to persuade Hindenburg to remove Von Papen as chancellor and appoint himself instead as chancellor, this angered von Papen massively and behind the scenes Papen began to negotiate with Hitler believing he would be vice chancellor however Hindeburg refused to appoint Hitler as chancellor, however soon after, it appears to show Von Schleicher appeared to win no support within the Reichstag and resigned. This was a great opportunity for Von Papen to once again persuade Hindenburg to appoint Hitler saying that the alternative would in actual fact be a civil war and believe that as vice chancellor he would have the power to alongside Hindenburg to use Hitler initially and get rid oh him later. The following month after Hitler had become chancellor on 27th February in which the Reichstag building was burnt down, inside of the building found by _________ was a Dutch communist known as Marius van der lube. Marius Van der lube was arrested and put on trial and sentenced of starting the fire. Hitler gained a great advantage from the Reichstag fire as it assisted him in ridding of major opposition to him, the communists. Hitler did this by accusing the German communist party of attempting to overthrow the government and from this innovation he arrested four thousand communists. Hitler was even able to persuade Hindenburg to pass the emergency decree, this decree held the terms that police now had the ability to search houses and confiscate property. Coincidently Hitler had a election coming up the next month during march and this fire showed that communists only won 81 seats whereas the Nazi’s had won 231 seats however this wasn’t 50% of the total. Another reason in why Hitler gained total power during the period of ____ to _____ was in actual fact from the passing of the enabling act in which allowed Hitler to be in power for the next four years and make laws without the Reichstag. In order for Hitler to have passed this law he had to persuade the nationalist group alongside the center party when promising them to defend the interests of the church. Therefore Hitler now had a majority of the vote and had passed the enabling act and was on the seat of chancellor for a furthermore four years. Hitler now held the power of a dictator and could pass any law he wanted. Hitler began by Ridding of state parliaments and making all state governments subordinate to the central government. Hitler also ridded of Trade unions in which he viewed as a threat as he knew they could create strikes and uprisings so on 2nd may 1933 Hitler broke into the trade union offices and arrested many trade union officials, this gained the Nazi party more popularity from both employers and businessmen as now they could no be reported. The last thing in which Hitler did with his powers of the Enabling act was rid of all rival political parties. Hitler wanted a one party state. He introduced a law saying that the Nazi party was the only party allowed in Germany. These three terms allowed Hitler to gain more power as he had now ridded of state parliaments which meant nobody could create laws opposing the nazi beliefs within different states, Trade unions could not break out and strike against the Nazis if they appeared to disagree with them or if they were to be complained about and lastly he ridded of all the parties within Germany leaving only one, the Nazi party, meaning now everybody were forced to support the Nazi party as this was the only party remaining. The death of...
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