History Francisco Madero Essay

Topics: Mexican Revolution, Mexico, Mexico City Pages: 1 (498 words) Published: March 9, 2015
Nadia Farach
History 11th Grade
January 26, 2015

Francisco Madero:

Francisco Madero, the wealthy man who fought for the poor. Born in 1873, Francisco Madero came from one of the most wealthy families in Mexico, the northern state of Coahuila was the families haciendas, but the financial influence of his family was al over the place with industries from textile to mining, vineyards, rubber and coals. As a teenager he studied in the United States with a major in agriculture at Berkeley. He was always a god man that took care that all the workers in the haciendas were treated well. He always admires and followed he ideals of democracy; one of his heroes was the great Mexican revolutionary, Benito Juarez. He had the dream that Mexico would one day end the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz and had its democracy. Madero felt frustrated by Diaz’ dictatorship.

At the beginning of the 20th century Madero started his movement to promote the democracy throughout all of Mexico. He created a newspapers that would criticize Diaz dictatorship and a best seller book to promote his revolutionary ideals of establishing democracy in the country and putting an end to Porfirio Diaz’ dictatorship by the end of the first decade, through the process of free elections. In 1909 the first anti-reelection club in Mexico was found and they started to spread out all over the country. Due to his movements against Diaz’ dictatorship he was arrested in 1910. He manages to get out of jail thanks to his father’s influences and then was translated to Texas. This incident did not stop him from fighting against his ideals as the revolution was just starting.

In 1910 Mexico held elections but Diaz declared himself as president. Madero being in exile in Texas wrote the proclamation of San Louis de Potosi was he stated that the elections should be nulled and Diaz should be taken down of power. By November of 1910 Madero went back to Mexico and begin the revolution. During the first month of...
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