History Fair Process Paper

Topics: Automobile, Ford Mustang, Vehicle Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Henry Ford and the Mass Production of Ford Automobiles

Section 1: How We Chose Our Topic
I chose to do my project on Henry Ford and the mass production of Ford automobiles. The main reason I chose this topic is because I am a real car enthusiast how mostly likes foreign cars, but likes a few American made vehicles. There is also another reason why which is Ford has manufactured my favorite American muscle car the 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback. I’m also interested in finding out how he came up with the idea of creating cars. Section 2: How We Conduct Our Research Topic

All of my research was conducted on the internet. I had to search very carefully for information which was valid. I was cautious about websites that have the domain of wiki because the website can have invalid information. Then I would make sure that when I found a source to cite I would make the reference for my work cited page and place the in-text in as soon as possible so I wouldn’t forget. Section 3: How We Created and Developed Our Exhibit

The project category I chose was to create a website because I am a computer savvy person. I also chose to make a website because I never made one before and I’m always interested to learn how to do new things. The first step in making the website was to sign up on the website that you make your website on. Next, I had to watch a YouTube video to get familiar with the process and steps to creating the website. After, I took the information I researched and uniformly put it in my website within its own categories. Last, but not least I reviewed my website a couple times.

Section 4: How Our Project Relates to the Theme
It relates to the theme “Turning Points in History” because the invention of the automobile made a big turning point in people lives and in the business industry. Henry Ford’s invention of the automobile was the most innovative piece of technology of its time. Ford made their cars more affordable so that everyone could...
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