History Essay- to what extent did Lenin honour his promises

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To what extent did Lenin honor his promises?
When Lenin published his April theses he began using the quote ‘peace bread and land’ as a promise to the Russian people if he was their leader. This slogan was used, alongside many, to drive the Bolsheviks into power after the October revolution. However, they weren’t exactly what the people expected, nor did the Bolsheviks expect the response they got from the people. This essay aims to discuss the extent of the Bolsheviks keeping their promises.

Lenin stuck to many of his promises, which he had made before and during the revolution. One of the Bolshevik ideals is that there will be work for everyone, and fairer working conditions. After the revolution, Lenin made several changes to industrial workers lives. In November he made it law that ‘A maximum 8 hour day and 48 hour working week for industrial workers’ and ‘employment insurance introduced for workers, for injuries, illness and unemployment’. These changes were very beneficial for the industrial workers, as now they have free employment insurance, which helped many sick workers keep their jobs, and millions more to secure jobs. In addition the maximum 8h workload per day meant that workers weren’t allowed to work ridiculous hours, and have more leisure time. Later in December, the factories were all put under the control of the workers committees instead of being run by factory bosses. This allowed workers to have more of a say over the changes being made in the factory as they now had the power to do so. Lenin certainly kept to his promises in the extent of improving workers lives.

Lenin also honored his promise of providing peace, bread and land to the people of Russia admirably. In November a decree was passed taking all of the land away from the Tsar and the old landlords. This land was then given to the peasants, who were asked to form work committees and divide the land up fairly between each other. As of this, Lenin delivered his promise to make...
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