History Essay Plan

Topics: British people, United Kingdom, British Isles Pages: 4 (1228 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Student: Leon Theodoropoulos Class: 9D Due date: Wednesday 28th Aug P1 & Thursday 29th August P6

History Essay Planning

Topic: ‘There were more positive outcomes than negative outcomes from immigration to Australia in the nineteenth century’. Discuss.

Step 1: Write down your point of view, or your contention.
In my opinion I agree with the topic, because Britain was not a good country to live in due to the poor conditions that people were living in, in that time and age. There was pollution and diseases left everywhere and it was easy to catch from one person to another. There was a lot of crime and people were getting pickpocketed on a daily basis. There were not many laws that people could live by because the authority didn’t care enough to deal with these situation because they could not be bothered. They had to share resources by drinking the same water, and the water was polluted with rubbish which made it easy to catch a disease. So when the Britain shipped the convicts over to Australia it was a good decision to do so, because it opened up a new world to the people of Britain. Even though there were a lot of negative it turned out to be positive because there was resources that were clean and could be used daily. It was a good option because Britain was becoming overcrowded and there was not enough space to keep them there so it was a good choice for Britain to ship them to Australia. Get out of the conditions in Britain, it was a fresh start for the people in Britain, they claimed more resources and land.

Step 2: Note three relevant main ideas, with the first idea listed being deemed the most important. (Overcrowded Britain – There were houses that were packed with people which made it easy to catch disease. (Disease – Diseases was easy to catch due to the condition in the nineteenth century. (Limited Resources – There was not enough resources that were clean enough for them to survive on, the resources were dirty and...
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