History Dinner Party

Topics: Rum, Caribbean, Slavery Pages: 4 (545 words) Published: May 19, 2011
Dinner with the sluts

Pocahontas: Heyyyy Galileo ;)

Malan: Hey babe..

Sacagawea: Hellooo :D

Galileo: Hey there ladies.

Malan: What’s going to be the highlight of this dinner tonight?

Pocahontas: Well Galileo, We could talk about you and I? ;)

Sacagawea: Or we could talk about something important?

Pocahontas: Like?

Galileo: How bout them Yankee’s?

Malan: Uhm no, Boston all the way.

Galileo: Alright then, what about Triangular Trade?

Sacagawea: Anything is better than Pocahontas going on and on about how she…..

Pocahontas: Give it a rest Sacagawea!

Sacagawea: So what exactly is a triangular trade system?

Galileo: The Triangular Trade was a route to receive slaves.

Malan: Let me guess, it got its name from having three different trade systems?

Galileo: Exactly! It got its name from the three routes that it formed.

Pocahontas: This is boring, can we talk about something else?

Malan: I think its interesting, Keep going!

Galileo: Well ask me something

Sacagawea: Well where were these three “routes” located?

Galileo: Well the triangle went from The Americas, To Europe, To Africa.

Sacagawea: Good to know!

Malan: Now I have a question..

Galileo: Okay, shoot.

Malan: What did the first trade route carry?

Galileo: The first route carried fish, lumber, and other goods from New England to the West Indies.

Pocahontas: I wish they traded sugar, This coffee is really strong.

Galileo: Well actually, in the West Indies they traded sugar and molasses which is a dark brown syrup product made from sugar cane.

Pocahontas: That isn’t going help me right now though! -__-

Sacagawea: Hahaha, also, back then, it was used to make rum.

Galileo: And from the West Indies merchants carried the rum, along with guns, gunpowder, and tools to West Africa.

Malan: Why would they Bring that stuff all the way to Africa?

Galileo: Because The goods were sold for Slaves.

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