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2. In a short essay, describe what is meant by classical, and why Greece and Rome are examples of classical civilizations. According to Merrriam-Webster, the term “classical” means something that has been respected over a long period of time. Most often it refers to Greek and Roman culture from about 500 B.C. to A.D. 500—its art, architecture, politics, and ideals. These two cultures are examples of classical civilizations because they lasted nearly 1000 years and impacted most of western civilization in the centuries to come. For example, we still use many Latin and Greek roots in our vocabulary today. Also, we still use their architecture; for instance, the façade of the National Archives building in Washinton, D.C. resembles a Greek Temple. Athens was the first government to establish a democracy, and the founders of the United States followed their lead. The Olympics and our theater style are based upon the arts and sports of the Greeks and Romans. Many of the first great thinkers were Greeks, and we still use their logic, law, and philosophies today.

Who is Alexander the Great and Why Is He Called the Great?

Alexander was called “great” because he was an awesome warrior and military leader. He was the son of King Phillip II of Macedonia, and was taught by the ancient Greek Philosopher Aristotle for three years. Aristotle once said that he taught Alexander to love Greek culture, but could not teach him to control his desires. In fact, Alexander was determined to conquer as much of the world as possible, and after his father’s death, he proved to be an excellent general. Soon his Army was sweeping across Asia, and his troops conquered over a million square miles. His empire was the largest the world had known. Even though Alexander died at the young age of 32, he accomplished more than anyone else in that short time. That is why we call him Alexander the Great.
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