History Boys: Consider the Significance of the Characterisation of Either Posner, Lintott or Dakin.

Topics: Love, The Play, Audience Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: November 10, 2008
One of the history boy’s many strengths is its characterisation of the various individuals in the play. Using extremely contrasting personalities emphasizes the individuality and purpose of each character. One character that specifically stands out is Dakin, possibly the most socially dominant boy of the class.

In the opening scene Dakin gives off a negative impression. He exploits his intellect and shows arrogance when he says: “you should treat us with more respect. We’re scholarship candidates now.” This shows power over his fellow students and mostly over Hector, his superior. Dakin is using persuasive language to have a mental control over his peers and teacher. The arrogance and power could be considered a premonition for the influence Dakin can have on the other characters and the plot overall.

Also from the opening scene Dakin is portrayed to be an attention seeker. When the focus is on Hector playfully hitting the students he likes, Dakin makes it his priority to state that he is one of these popular pupils. “(happily) I’m black and Blue”. Firstly the stage directions highlight the emotions of Dakin. It creates an ironic statement, as typically when a person is beaten their reaction is far from joyful. Also Bennett uses alliteration to emphasize the phrase and the sound.

Throughout the play it is made obvious that Dakin is sexually confident. He often mentions Fiona, the secretary he is seeing. “She’s my Western Front” Using metaphors to describe his love subject demonstrates that he does not take relationships or romance in general seriously. This suggests immaturity and possibly shows that he does not consider other people’s feelings. His naivety predominantly proves that he can be selfish which significantly becomes a factor when it comes to love interests.

As the play proceeds Dakin’s power become more relevant and obvious to the audience. It is quite surprising how quickly he gains control and manipulation over Irwin. “Do you have a life?...
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