History and Values

Topics: Historiography, Primary source, Secondary source Pages: 3 (1001 words) Published: October 9, 2011
History and Values: Homework Paper Week 1
Michele Kendall
Devry University
HUM 415: Vietnam and the 20th Century Experience

Many people don’t care about learning history in today’s society. Arguments regarding whether to offer certain history classes are always being debated. Some believe that it’s a waste of time learning about all the wars and tragedies as they move forward into a world of technology. Many will tell you that the past belongs there, in the past. Then why is it a mandatory class for college students? Why is it both necessary and helpful to study the context of prior history, in order to understand what is valued by these participants? And what resources will be most helpful to you as a student of history? Research shows that there are several ways to answer these questions. This paper will reflect another view and explain the reason behind the answers. Summary

(Why it is both necessary and helpful to study the context of prior history) Understanding what history means is very useful in explaining why it is important to study and learn from it. History is “a chronological record of significant events (as affecting a nation or institution) often including an explanation of their causes; events that form the subject matter of a history or events of the past” (Miriam-Webster, 2011). For this paper, history is events of the past as recalled during the Vietnam War. Memory plays an important role in how history is translated and interpreted. What one remembers from growing up and becoming an adult is what shapes them into who they become. History is a lot like that when one considers where they live and the freedoms they have. Listening to grandparents talk about war periods, recession, automobiles, television, radio shows, etc., allows one to imagine a time when they weren’t around. One can relate easily to those whom they love and respect. History is like a story that is told in a political...

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