History and Traditions of the Persian New Year

Topics: Iran, Nowruz, New Year Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: February 3, 2015
Jila Zivarilotf ( Descriptive Essay ) Diana Blackburn
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10 December 2014
Persian New Year There are holidays in many cultures that have historical roots (not religious). No Rooz, is a example of a holiday with historical origins. What is No Rooz ? Iranian new year as known No Rooz is very unique for several characteristics. It is very unique because of its history, time, traditions, and decorations. First of all, I consider the history of the Persian New Year .The history of the Persian New Year has special importance for Iranian people. No Rooz, in word, means New Day with its uniquely Iranian characteristics has been celebrated for at least 3000 years and is deeply rooted in the rituals and traditions of the Zoroastrian ( This was the religion of ancient Persian before the advent of Islam in 7th century A.D.).Now, It is also an important Iranian culture holiday. The second important characteristic of Persian new year is its time. No Rooz, Persian New Year begin on 21th of March.It is the first day of spring. People celebrate rebirth and spring . Iranian New Year begins when you see tulips attempt to poke their head above the soil and thoughts of romance and love fill our hearts and minds and the sky seems bluer, the grass begins to grow again, and the flowers bloom. The trees begin to bud and the birds return to chirp and sing.We see the migrating birds and hearing the frog's ribbit. We watch birds nests and fish in the water.The whole world seems to wake up from the long winter's nap. The next important characteristic of the Persian New Year is its traditions. The Iranian New Year has many traditions. I want to explain some of these. One tradition of New Year is home cleaning . It usually starts several days before New Year. Every thing should be clean. walls, windows, carpets, rugs ,and every thing in the house should be washed and shined. Another...
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