History and Its Role in Our Lives

Topics: Critical thinking, Writing, Learning Pages: 3 (627 words) Published: April 3, 2013
History is playing a crucial role in our lives as human beings; it makes us to understand who we are, where we are coming from and all that makes us to know where we are going to. In this work I am going to write the plan of an essay which looks at the values and the uses of History, in this plan I am going to look at the paragraphs where I will focus on writing the point I am going to cover and the explanation of each paragraph.

Paragraph 1:
The introduction of my essay.

Paragraph 2:
Point: History as for self-knowledge
Source: According to Collingwood, 1956, p.10.”History is for self-knowledge”. It is generally important that we have to know about ourselves Explanation: here I am going to write down that history is very important for human beings because it helps a person to know exactly who they are and I am going to elaborate on that point.

Paragraph 3:
Point: history makes us not to repeat the mistakes of the past Source: According to Giliomee, 2010, History is important for us to know the imbalances of the past so that we cannot repeat it in the future Explanation: in this paragraph I am going to focus on writing about that History is not just important as a subject but it also builds up the nation because through History someone can become more careful and more responsible in the things he do.

Paragraph 4:
Point: history teaches us to be consciousness when it comes to other people Source: According to author chin J.T p.15 “when you also know about history you can understand what it really means to be in someone else’s shoes. Explanation: here I am going to focus on writing the importance of studying about how other people lived and that is important in history because it makes a learner to have conscious about other people.

Paragraph 5:
Point: history gives us critical skill or it makes us to be critical thinkers. Source: According to Giliomee,2010, history is important in such a way that it helps us to understand the world we live...
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