History and Background of KESC and Information About Different Power Stations

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The electricity supply business in Pakistan is under two companies. For Karachi city and adjoining areas of Sindh and Balochistan, it is under Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC). For rest of the Pakistan it falls under Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). Both companies operate their own networks and they are also interconnected to each other at two points. One is the Jamshoro – Bin Qasim link in East of Karachi and other is HUBCO-KESC link in West of Karachi. Both companies can provide power to each other through these links. The Karachi Electric Supply Corporation Limited was incorporated on 13th September 1913 under the Indian Companies Act, 1882 as amended to date vide the Companies Ordinance 1984. The Company is listed on Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges. The Government of Pakistan took control of the Company by acquiring majority shareholding in 1952. The Ministry of Water and Power looks after the affairs of the Company till its privatization on 30th November 2005.

As of 2007, KESC owns 1756 MW of generation capacity which had overtime been degraded to 1336 MW. After some recent rehabilitation projects, the company has managed to enhance its generation levels to 1534 MW (source: Daily News, Aug 6, 2007). The approximate demand for power in the city is atleast 2300 MW. To meet the supply-demand gap, KESC purchases power from WAPDA, Independent Power Producers (IPP)s and KANUPP. Whenever any of these outside entities fail to provide power OR there is a breakdown in KESC’s own installed generation base, they have to resort to load shedding. KESC currently buys 250 MW power from the Independent Power Producers (IPP)s located in Karachi, namely Tapal Energy, Gul Ahmed Energy and Anoud Power Generation Ltd. KESC also buys 40-50 MW power from PAEC’s Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP) (source: Daily news, Aug 6, 2007) and Pakistan Steel Mills , which provides 20 MW electricity. In addition to this Government of Pakistan has recently instructed WAPDA to sell up to 800 MW to KESC. There has been no recent increase in the generation capacity in KESC region of supply. The last power plant to go online in Karachi area was HUBCO which falls under WAPDA and it is already more than 10 years old. There is a power and desalination plant being worked on in Defence Phase VIII which will be the first one to go on KESC network by the end of 2007. KESC does have plans to enhance is capacity in two phases. First is going to be a 220 MW extension at Korangi Thermal Power Station (KTPS) and then in phase II there will be an additional 575 MW capacity installed at Bin Qasim Thermal Power Station (BQTPS). KESC claims to partly put the first phase in operation by 2008.



Bin Qasim Power Station consists of 6 x 210 MW, total capacity of 1260 MW.


The power is transmitted through 6 No. Overhead 220KV Transmission lines. Line # 1, 2, & 3 are directly connected to Pipri West Grid Station. Line #4 is connected to Pipri West Grid Station through ICI loop in – loop out grid station. Lines # 5 & 6 are connected to Korangi West Grid Station.

Line # 1~4 are of copper conductors, while Lines # 5&6 are of aluminum conductors.

Unit No. 1 & 2 BQPS

Commissioned in 1983 – 84.
Turbine: Re-heat condensing steam turbine of 210 MW – Hitachi Japan. Boiler: Single drum, Natural circulation, 140 bar, 530 °C & 680 Tons / hrs evaporation capacity – manufactured by BABCOCK Hitachi Japan. Generator of 248 MVA – Hitachi Japan.

Transformer of 247 MVA – Hitachi Japan.
Control System Decontic K. System – ABB Germany.

Unit No. 3 & 4 BQPS

Commissioned in 1990 – 91
Turbine: Re-heat steam condensing turbine of 210 MW Ansaldo, Italy Boiler: Single drum, Natural Circulation, 145 bar, 530 ºC & 680 Tons / hrs – Deutsche-Babcock Germany Generator: 248 MVA – Ercole Marelli Nouva FGM, Italy

Transformer: 250 MVA –...
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