Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Mississippi River Pages: 3 (719 words) Published: September 30, 2014
HIST 172 Sec 06
Mr. Wisialowski
Native Americans and their Great Change
            From the 1400s to 1877 many historical events have occurred in the growing of the new world. However, some of those occurrences have affected many different groups including women, African Americans, and Native Americans in a negative manner. From the three groups, I feel that the Native Americans have seen the most changes in their lives, but for the worse. I believe this to be true for many reasons such as; the first encounters between many different European colonists and Native tribes and the damage dealt to their land and homes, the Treaty of Paris in 1783 which gave up land for the Native Americans, and also the Indian removal act in 1830, which once again took land away from the Native Americans.

Some first encounters between the native and the European were difficult to because their ways were so different, from the language they spoke, the food they ate, and even the clothes they wore. Some Europeans were so filled with awe at the new lands and different environments that it overcame them and caused them to do unsettling things to the homeland of the Native. For example, the Taino and the Spanish were very civilized toward each other but there was not an even playing ground. The Taino had given the impression that Christopher Columbus was sent to them by the Gods which gave the Spanish an advantage, not to mention the weapons they carried were more advanced compared to the Taino. The Spanish took the chance they had to capture and conquer the Taino and their land. First the Spanish began to enslave the Taino and take them back to their country, but once they came back the Taino attempted to resist and fight back. Of course because of the huge advantage the Spanish had over the Taino, the natives decided that they would rather kill themselves than to be enslaved by the Spanish. This example of Natives being killed and forced out of their own land is tragic but...
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