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The Protestant Reformation Produces Puritanism
Know: John Calvin, Conversion Experience, Visible Saints, Church of England, Puritans, and Separatists. 26. How did John Calvin's teachings result in some Englishmen wanting to leave England?

The Protestant Reformation was led by Henry VIII, who became the head of the Church of England. Unfortunately, Henry had no interest in making great strides in religion. On the other hand, puritans who adopted many of Calvin's teachings saw that great religious zeal was needed, and so they decided to separate from the stiff Church of England to the Americas.

The Pilgrims End Their Pilgrimage at Plymouth
Know: Mayflower, Myles Standish, Mayflower Compact, Plymouth, William Bradford 27. Explain the factors that contributed to the success of the Plymouth colony.

The Plymouth colony was successful. The people cultivated great harvests and had firm economic foundations in fur, fish, and timber. Capable leaders such as William Bradford also helped to keep order within the colonies. The Puritans large and mutual devotion to God provided for a tight-knit unity.

The Bay Colony Bible Commonwealth
Know: Puritans, Charles I, Massachusetts Bay Colony, Great Migration, John Winthrop 28. Why did the Puritans come to America?

The Puritans were outraged with the Church of England's union in the church pews between the "saints" and the "damned." Many of these Puritans went on to become Separatists, those who left the Church of England to find a new more accepting place of worship.

Building the Bay Colony
Know: Freemen, Bible Commonwealth, John Cotton, Protestant Ethic 29. How democratic was the Massachusetts Bay Colony? Explain.

Men were allowed to vote in Massachusetts, but only those from Puritan congregations. However, in town governments, all males were allowed a voice to speak about public issues.

Trouble in the Bible Commonwealth
Know: Anne Hutchinson, Antinomianism, Roger Williams
30. What happened to people whose religious beliefs differed from others in Massachusetts Bay Colony?

Those who had beliefs different than the Puritans were not allowed to vote. They were highly persecuted.

The Rhode Island "Sewer"
Know: Freedom of Religion
31. How was Rhode Island different than Massachusetts?

In Rhode Island, there was religious freedom, no taxes to support churches, and no mandatory worship.

Makers of America: The English
32. In what ways did the British North American colonies reflect their mother country?

Some colonies had a main religion similar to England. Many had small scale legislative governments based on Parliament in England.

New England Spreads Out
Know: Thomas Hooker, Fundamental Orders
33. Describe how Connecticut, Maine and New Hampshire were settled.

Connecticut was settled to be a seaport by the Puritans, Maine was settled for the fishermen and fur traders, while New Hampshire was settled for the fishing and trading activities in its coast.

Puritans versus Indians
Know: Squanto, Massasoit, Pequot War, Praying Towns, Metacom, King Philip's War 34. Why did hostilities arise between Puritans and Native Americans? What was the result?

As Puritans pushed further and further in to the land, they began to invade the living space of the Indians, who retaliated in response. The disease that the Puritans and other Europeans brought already made the Indians resentful due to the Europeans having killed a large number of Indians.

Seeds of Colonial Unity and Independence
Know: New England Confederation, Charles II
35. Assess the following statement, "The British colonies were beginning to grow closer to each other by 1700."

First of all, colonies began to unite to defend against the countless number of Indian attacks. Colonies could consult other colonies on issues that affected all of them, and when laws were to be placed each colony voiced two votes.

Andros Promotes the First American Revolution
Know: Dominion of New England, Navigation Laws, Edmund Andros, Glorious Revolution, William and Mary, Salutary Neglect
36. How did events in England affect the New England colonies' development?

The king in England paid little attention to the colonies in America due to salutary neglect. This allowed colonists more freedom from such things as taxes forced exports.

Old Netherlanders at New Netherlands
Know: Dutch East India Company, Henry Hudson, New Amsterdam, Patroonships 37. Explain how settlement by the Dutch led to the type of city that New York is today.

New York was mainly led by stockholders. This is understandable now that we have, in our current time, Wall Street and the Stock Exchange based in New York. The fact that it was a seaport colony, it was very sociable.

Friction with English and Swedish Neighbors
Know: Wall Street, New Sweden, Peter Stuyvesant, Log Cabins 38. "Vexations beset the Dutch company-colony from the beginning." Explain.

New England did not want the Dutch to grow as a colony, and when the Swedish came to New York they had the golden age, and there was competition among the colonies.

Dutch Residues in New York
Know: Duke of York
39. Do the Dutch have an important legacy in the United States? Explain.

The Dutch left a lot of them in New York, landowning families, monopolistic land policies, as well as name of places, and architecture, so they do leave an important legacy.

Penn's Holy Experiment in Pennsylvania
Know: Quakers, William Penn
40. What had William Penn and other Quakers experienced that would make them want a colony in America?

The faith of a Quaker was highly looked down upon in England. People like Penn who were men and women of strong Quaker faith refused to suffer on going persecution, took the initiative to travel to the Americas in search of religious freedom.

Quaker Pennsylvania and Its Neighbors
Know: East New Jersey, West New Jersey, Delaware
41. Why was Pennsylvania attractive to so many Europeans and Native Americans?

Pennsylvania was seemed as the promised land of amicable American-Indian relationships.

The Middle Way in the Middle Colonies
Know: Middle Colonies, Benjamin Franklin
42. What do the authors mean when the say that the middle colonies were the most American?

The middle colonies had fertile soil which was perfect for cultivation of crops. They also had efficient rivers. They had bountiful amounts of lumber for timber industry, and harbors provided for great ports for trade. The populations were more ethnically mixed than those of the other colonies. There was a fair sense of religious freedom and democracy.

Varying Viewpoints: Europeanizing America or Americanizing Europe? 43. “The picture of colonial America that is emerging from all this new scholarship is of a society unique—and diverse—from its inception.” Explain?

Colonial America not only had British influences there were more European and African heritages, they had new environments and different ambitions.

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