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Anyely Avila
History 131
Question # 2
March 12, 2014

The typical attitude held by the U.S. government officials, military officers, reporters, and businessmen toward Latin Americans in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, was the same as today. The U.S. and all the above parties mentioned, have always been in a position of gaining as much benefits as possible out of Latin America. It has been the tradition of the U.S. government and its most prominent and powerful people to have firm and influential connections in all these Latin American countries in specific, Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Rep. and Haiti, where they find the opportunity to pursue economic, political, and military interest. The U.S. has always viewed Latin American countries as naïve if not as ignorant, race inferior, incompetent, or unable to run their national affairs.

According to history, one of the connections that U.S had in Mexico was President Porfirio Diaz. Diaz was found to be a an efficient man by the U.S, due to the fact that he served the U.S government well and met all the U.S. expectations, he was what U.S wanted for every country. He was the perfect president. Diaz sided with the U.S. economic, political and military interest. Diaz would do things in a way to always favor the U.S. Nevertheless, the U.S. found in Diaz the ideal person who would facilitate the gain of their interest. The secretary of state Elihu Root summed up President Diaz when he said “It has seemed to me that of all the men now living, General Porfirio Diaz, of Mexico, was best worth seeing. Whether one considers the adventurous, daring, chivalric indents of his early career; whether one considers the vast work of government which his wisdom and courage and commanding character accomplished; whether one considers his singularly attractive personality, no one lives today that I would rather see than President Diaz”1. The fact that Diaz deliberately served in a silver tray to the U.S. is the...

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