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Pearl Harbor
How did Germany react on the Japanese attack against Pearl Harbor 1941?

Plan of investigation
I’m going to read books and search on the internet about information of how Germany reacted on the Japanese attack against Pearl Harbor 1941. I will divide it up in different headlines:
- Summary of evidence
- Evaluation of sources
- Analysis
- Conclusion
- Bibliography

Summary of evidence
Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on Hawaii December 7, 1941.1
It was a surprise attack; Japan didn’t declare war before the event.2
Around 3700 Americans were killed or injured.3
The attack on Pearl Harbor brought the US into the war.4
Germany declared war against US nearly immediately after.5
Hitler was furious that Japan had declared war on US because he had not acquired full control of continental Europe.
Hitler underestimated the strength of his enemy.6
Hitler’s racial view was one reason why he underestimated his enemies.7
Hitler didn’t think that a country (US) that was “half Judaised and the other half negrified” would stand a chance against the German troops. 8
Hitler slowly realized that US was more powerful and intellectual than he could ever imagine, this was taken as surprise for him. 9

Evaluation of sources
Modern world history written by Norman Lowe (fifth edition)
This source is for learning purpose, to learn about historical facts for example what happened during the world war 1 and world war 2. It was written by Norman Lowe who is a author with specialism in historical events. This book is based on actual facts that have been told by evidence from each and every event, therefore I see it as really reliable.
The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 1941 had devastating consequences in the long run for both sides. America had a “surprise attack” which means that they had no clue that Japan was going to bomb their navy fleet that was situated on Hawaii. After the bombing America had

Bibliography: Summary of evidence Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on Hawaii December 7, 1941.1

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