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Suemi’s Story – Práctica

A. Answer the following:

1.Where do Suemi and her family live? Suemi and her family live in Yucatan. They live in a small village.
2.What Indian tribe are they descendents of? The India tribe they are descendents of are the Mayans.

3.What is their town like? Their town is kind of run down and it is rocky. It is also small.

4.What does Suemi’s father do for a living? Suemi’s father works in the bazaar selling and making bowls.

5.Describe the ruins that Suemi and her family visited. The ruins that Suemi and her family visited are very old and took ten years to make. They are dedicated to people in her past.

B. Write a short composition in English comparing and contrasting Suemi’s life with your own. You will be graded on accuracy, structures, and your ability to compare and contrast. Be sure and include the following:

Household chores

I think the food Suemi eats is kind of different then what I eat. Suemi eats eggs for dinner, which I sometimes do but mostly for breakfast. School is very different in my life than in Suemi’s life. Their school stops at secondary school while ours goes to 12th grade and college. Household chores are kind of the same as mine. She washes her stuff different then I do.

1. What facts about the event does your reader need to have in order to understand the event’s importance to new citizens? Some facts that about the event that the reader needs to have in order to understand the event’s importance to new citizens is all about slavery. They need to know what happened before Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks were around. They need to understand how African Americans were treated and segregated and they need to know the importance of their movements.

2. Why is this event important for new citizens to understand? This event is important for new citizens to understand because this event had such a huge impact on the whole world and especially the African Americans. Before this event, they would be treated differently and unjustly. Now, they are treated as equals.

3. What perspective do your primary sources bring to understanding the event? The primary sources give a perspective of how Martin Luther King felt about this and what he did to stop it. The same goes for Rosa Parks. They were alive during this and did a great thing. This gives a perspective of that time.

4. How do your primary sources help you make your argument?
The primary sources help me make my argument because they show what really happened threw the eyes of people who lived threw it and stopped it.

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