History 201 Online Homework Ten

Topics: American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Emancipation Proclamation Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: May 5, 2013
History 201 Online Homework Ten:

“Glory Can Not Atone: Shiloh—April 6, 7, 1862,” by James L. McDonough 1. How would you describe the southern army depicted by McDonough in this essay? (3 points) The southern army consisted of older and younger men. There were some confederates that took certain blacks with them to war just so they could be servants. The men were very one sided, there was no telling them that they were wrong. There was every type of man you could think of on the army, as in the gamblers, and the ones who liked to watch cockfighting. The men were very strong and very determined.

2. What were some of the reasons given here to explain why southerners enlisted to join the fight against the Union forces? (2 points) The southerners decided to enlist in the army due to the fact that they were for slavery. They did not want slavery to end. One man said that he volunteered to fight in defense of the sunny South and the land of roses. Another man said he joined due to the liberty of people being threatened.

3. McDonough describes Union soldiers as brimming with confidence in early 1862. Why were they so confident? Do you think it was warranted? (2 points) 4. What were the typical reasons given by Union soldiers for wanting to fight against the Confederacy? How did their reasons for fighting compare to those given by their enemies? (3 points) 5. Based on the information provided in this essay, how glamorous or noble was fighting in the Civil War for the soldiers involved? What were the most common or prominent aspects of life for soldiers during the conflict? (3 points)

“A Black Soldier Writes to President Lincoln, 1863”
1. Describe this soldier’s grievances. What does he stress in making his appeal to Lincoln? How effective do you think this appeal is and why? (3 points)

“Andersonville: death stalked on every hand, 1864”
1. Describe the conditions at Andersonville Prison. Why do you think such conditions were...
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