Topics: Crime, Fingerprint, Police Pages: 4 (1178 words) Published: August 23, 2013
The use of forensic science improved investigating policing over the years because things like fingerprinting, radios, discovery of DNA evidence and CCTV was all introduced in the 1900s.

Fingerprinting is used to take fingerprints of people and can later be used to identify people by a distinctive mark or characteristic. Fingerprinting is useful as it helps to identify victims or criminals quickly and accurately. Fingerprinting is very useful in forensic science as fingerprints are unique to each individual; they are very accurate way for investigative police to identify a suspect, as well as potentially proving their guilt or innocence. The benefits of fingerprinting are they are very high accuracy, widely accepted. Fingerprints can be used to confirm identity and prove if a certain person came in contact with an object. DNA fingerprinting has replaced traditional fingerprinting as a more reliable method for some applications, but fingerprint analysis is still a vital part of many different kinds of investigations. It’s easy to use. However even though there are many advantages there are also disadvantages such as for some people it is very intrusive, because is still related to criminal identification. It can make mistakes with the dryness or dirty of the finger's skin, as well as with the age is not appropriate with children, because the size of their fingerprint changes quickly. Because people rely so heavily on fingerprint identification, if fingerprint evidence is not collected, stored, or handled properly it may result in a false identification which people will believe is valid because they view fingerprinting as highly reliable. In 1901 fingerprinting was introduced to Scotland Yard and in 1995 national automatic fingerprints identification system allowed every police force in England and wales to compare fingerprints found at crime scenes. This helped improve policing as it means if there was a crime scene or something then...
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