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My Canadian History Scrapbook
11 June 2013
K. Schweitzer
Sagah Radi


World War I

Canadian soldier
Many soldiers suffered from medical illness during and after the war. Suck us, drunkenness, self inflicted wounds, trench feet, and many more. This picture represents a Canadian soldier from WWI, who was the first conflict employ chemical weapons. He was suffering from mustard gas burns. After the war between Canada and Germany.

The trenches are holes (8 to 10 feet in many areas) dug by soldiers to protect themselves from the enemy in WWI. They were designed as three lines. The front line directly faced the enemy; the space in between the front lines of the defenders and the attackers is known as “No Man’s Land” were usually the dead bodies are during the war. Behind the front line is the “Second Line” which was used if the front line was captured by the enemy. Usually there is a third line that is 1km away from the front line towards safety. In the trenches, there was living quarters, kitchens, hospitals and dugouts of all sorts, which were essentially caves dug into the back side of the trench. The trenches were necessary when two armies face a stalemate, with neither side able to win and overtake the other.

The Machine Gun:
The machine gun was one of the most feared weapons used in WWI. They were mostly used in WWI to kill as much people as possible. Machine guns are an automatic gun that fires bullets in rapid succession for as long as the trigger is pressed. Their guns needed 4-6 soldiers to work them and they had to be on a flat surface. Each shot of the machine gun would load the next shot, and this action could be repeated very quickly. They were used by everyone in the war, including Canada, although the Germans used them to its best advantage. The Germans considered the standard infantry tactics in setting up their machine gun nests.

Victory Loan
During the WWI,...
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