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By Zel1C1 Apr 19, 2013 304 Words
Liezl L. Cruz

The National Anthem
(Reaction Paper on GMA 7’s Lupang Hinirang)

GMA 7 presents the national anthem of the Philippines very well. It shows the historic events that occurred in our country in the past years. It showed the following events: Tagumpay sa Mactan 1521, it showed how Lapu-Lapu defeats Spanish forces under the command of Portuguese explorer and Ferdinand Magellan, at Mactan Island. Pagkamartir ng GomBurZa in 1872, Filipino priests Mariano Gómez, Jose Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora were executed by garrote on 17 February 1872. Sigaw ng Pugad Lawin in 1896, Katipuneros tear their cédulas to signify their separation from Spain. It led the Philippine independence from Spain. Kabayanihan ni José Rizal in 1896, José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda was a Filipino patriot who excelled in many fields of fields of life and profession.and he who wrote the novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo which tell the story of colonial Philippines and its people who suffer under the Spaniards. Paglikha ng Watawat ng Pilipinas in 1898, consisting of three stars, a sun, and the colors red, white and blue. Proklamasyon ng Kasarinlan ng Pilipinas in 1898, General Emilio Aguinaldo, the first President of the short lived Philippine Republic, raised the Philippine flag for the first time, declaring the independence of the Philippine on June 12, 1898.Ang Huling Pagtatanggol sa Tirad Pass in 1899. Digmaang Pilipino-Amerikano from 1898 up to 1913. Pagtatatag ng komonwelt ng Pilipinas in 1935. Ang ikalawang digmaang pandaigdig from 1941 to 1945. And the revolution of Edsa in 1986. It highlights the remarkable heroes in the Philippines and all of it simply shows the heroic deeds of our fellow Filipinos who fought for our country’s freedom and independence from the all other countries who conquered our country.

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