History 1301

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, American Civil War Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: December 4, 2013
History 1301-81421
This class has been a huge eye opener for me. Since starting this class I have learned more about our American history than I did in my high school years. I learned that there is a lot of important information about our history that gets left out of our education for many reasons. Reasons ranging from religion, race, and just because we don’t want to portray America in a bad light. The first thing I learned about was our history textbooks and the mistruths, lies and cover-ups they contained. “Textbooks also keep students in the dark about the nature of history.” (Loewen, 5) From ever since I can remember, I never learned to question our history books. I always assumed that if it was in our history book that it was correct and that we just had to learn facts about history, which made it boring. “The teaching of history, more than any other discipline, is dominated by textbooks. And…textbooks are boring.”(Loewen, 2) Also our “Textbooks encourage students to believe that history is facts to be learned…because textbooks employ such a godlike tone, it never occurs to most students to question them,”(Loewen, 5)

I learned the truth about Christopher Columbus and how he was not the first to discover the new world and he is not the hero we are taught to cherish from and early childhood. His main reason for sailing to the new world was for riches and only for him self. Christopher Columbus was responsible for enslaving, torturing, and killing the Native Americans by the millions. Columbus is ultimately responsible for the first ever documented genocide. I also learned that the new world wasn’t barley populated by the Native Americans, but there were as many as a 100 million Indians, which were pretty much wiped out by foreign diseases that were purposely introduced by the settlers. “Huge numbers of Indians would die from diseases introduced by the whites.” (Zinn, 16) We also never learn that the Indians were hunted, murdered, and made into...
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