Topics: African American, American Civil War, Education Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: December 9, 2012
As the industrial growth started in the 1800s many factory owners began to hire women. Majority of the women who worked in the factories were poor, young, unmarried or widows, women of the middle-class were privileged to stay at home to provide their domestic duties. Women were paid lower then men due to women were subordinate to them., it did not matter what kind of quality the women produced. Any income women received legally belonged to their husbands and with that status employers were able to keep women’s wages low. Eventually women created labor associations because they wanted to sort issues out such as the terrible working conditions, low pay, and longer hours. The Female Labor Reform met once a week to discuss conditions that needed to be improved. Even though they were doubted by many that they would not make any difference and would not be listened to, they never gave up.

African American women who were free dealt with gender and racial obstacles which restricted their opportunity for employment and education. Prudence Crandall tried to open a school for young girls that were African American and white but the public did not welcome this idea. Prudence was put on trial for breaking the local laws in particular the one limiting education for African American students. Unfortunately she had to stop her plans for opening the school due to repeated badgering of her students and people trying to burn the school down. Also for African American families it was hard for husbands to support their families due to racism. They were not paid as much as white men and there were immigrants that worked for a much lower wage which made it easier to not pay them as much. Due to this African Americans would not be able to obtain a middle-class status.

Although more and more women began to work in factories the opportunity for a better education improved for white women. Catharine Beecher wanted women to become school teachers. She did not believe...
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