Historical References of Social Psychology

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Historical Reference of Social Psychology
Social psychology is relatively a young scientific discipline; it is a bit older than one hundred years. This branch of science includes two scientific disciplines: psychology and sociology. The psychological social psychology focuses its attention on how individual reacts on social influence, while sociological social psychology focuses on large groups of people, their social status and their role in the society. German psychologist Wilhelm Wundt is considered to be the founder of social psychology. He proposed that there should be two types of psychology: psychological psychology and social psychology. Wundt had a great influence on social psychology in Europe and by 1900 there were about 200 articles per year with the title “social psychology”. However, his influence did not touch the American psychology because his works were not translated in English. Gordon Allport Describes social psychology as “the science that study human behaviors, feelings, thoughts that are influenced by the presence of others” (“Social psychology seems to have many origins; critically discuss the historical and philosophical roots of modern social psychology” ,2012). According to this definition social psychology has a direct connection to psychology and sociology and this discipline cannot be seen as a linear phenomenon. The history of social psychology can be analyzed in two ways. First, it was a new branch of science that was influenced by the sociological demands in society. Second, it was a discipline that had a direct connection with psychology but paid more attention to sociological issues and needs. The main task of psychology is the study mental health of the individual and his behavior. On the other hand, the task of the sociology is the study of society, people’s relationship; it is a study of human behavior. Sociology studies society, while psychology studies human behavior, thus there is a direct connection between these two...

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