Historical Perspectives of Abnormal Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Nervous system, Abnormal psychology Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Historical Perspectives of Abnormal PsychologyKorinne Spencer Psy 410
Linda Porcaro
University Of Phoenix

Historical Perspectives of Abnormal PsychologyAbnormal psychology has never been simple to define due to the many challenges. From the origins of abnormal psychology, scientific discipline, and theoretical models related to abnormal psychology there are many areas that need to be taken in consideration when examining the field of abnormal psychology. Abnormal psychology which is known as psychopathology, is the subfield of psychology devoted to the study of mental disorders (Hansell, 2008). Due to abnormal psychology being able to be a vast majority of many different illnesses, it is unable to be defined solely with one definition. Abnormal psychology has also changed numerous times over the 100 years it has been in existence, which explains why there are challenges in defining and classifying normal and abnormal psychology. In order to properly define and classify abnormal psychology one must know what the core concepts of Abnormal psychology are, and the criteria in classifying it as well. The core concepts of abnormal psychology are to understand the importance of the context in defining what is abnormal. Generally the circumstances surrounding the behavior of an individual helps to identify what behavior would be normal or abnormal, the context in which it occurs such as gender, age, class, or culture. The Continuum between the normal and abnormal psychology help us to understand the appropriateness of an attitude, or emotion, what is normal or exaggerated. These concepts make it challenging to classify an individual as mentally if it is normal for that specific gender, age, or culture. Cultural and historical relativism makes it challenging, because what may be considered abnormal to one culture could be completely normal within another. These are important factors that cannot be ignored, and play major roles in defining and classifying...

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